The Projects
Whilst the majority of projects have concerned developments in London and the South-East, commissions are regularly undertaken on sites and properties throughout England, as well as in Wales and Scotland.

Individual projects are too numerous to list, but the Practice has been associated with matters which include:

  • Residential Developments – in a variety of city, urban and rural locations
  • Office Developments – new and redevelopment  schemes and extensions to existing office complexes
  • Industrial Developments – redevelopments and extensions to industrial sites and premises,  both in urban areas and in the countryside, including high technology industry, science and business parks
  • Retail Developments – superstore and specialist retail outlets in city centres, edge of town and out of town locations
  • Changes of Use – from retail to service activities, including amusement centres, banks, building societies, estate agents, betting offices, restaurant and take-away operations in a variety of shopping locations, from town and city centres to smaller district and local shopping areas
  • Rural Area Developments – including the conversion of rural buildings to residential, business or industrial uses; golf courses and other recreational and sporting development proposals, as well as agricultural and institutional uses in Green Belt areas and other areas of restraint


A variety of other projects have included hotel developments, petrol filling stations, mineral workings – both inland and coastal, advertisements and developments affecting Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas.


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