The Services
The Practice offers services on a wide range of planning, development and environmental matters.  Simple and effective explanations to planning situations are offered, often acting as a bridge between interested parties, helping to clarify underlying issues by establishing relevant facts and interpreting each party’s concerns.

Planning situations are diagnosed to assess the nature and scale of the problem that may have to be tackled and suggestions are made as to the way in which the work should proceed and as to any other expertise that may be required.
The key issues involved in a planning situation and the items that are decisive in choosing different courses of action are explained.

Regular services provided include:

  • Preliminary planning advice relating to development proposals
  • Submission of planning applications and appeals
  • Site appraisals and development feasibility studies
  • Development and design briefs
  • Enforcement Notices and Certificates of Lawfulness
  • Strategic and local planning, and presentation to LDFs
  • Planning law and procedure, including S106 Agreements
  • Presentations to Planning Committees


We work closely with Members of the Bar, Solicitors, Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Arboriculturalists and other allied Professions, often being part of a multi-disciplinary team.  Barristers are often instructed, and advice is offered upon the most appropriate Barrister to assist in resolving a particular planning problem.

A thorough working knowledge of Central Government advice contained in Guidance Notes, Policy Statements and Circulars is maintained, as is current planning practice relating to all forms of development.


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